FORECAST: Clouds to clear, mild to cool

Fri Dec 13 20:02:34 PST 2019

FORECAST: Clouds to clear, mild to cool

A mixed bag this weekend

WATCH: Gov. Evers seeks bipartisan support for agenda

The Democratic governor laid out his agenda to the Republican-led Legislature

WATCH: High school musical helps Golden House

Green Bay Southwest is donating some proceeds to raise awareness of domestic violence


A few inches will fall across the next few days

WATCH: Neenah High School student is published author

A sophomore published her own novel, a historical fiction about a German U-boat

WATCH: Dyslexia bill passes

It would create a guidebook for educators and families to assess and help students

WATCH: Previewing the 2020 State of the State

Gov. Evers lays out his agenda for his second year in office


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