FORECAST: Dangerous heat

Thu Jul 18 12:05:53 PDT 2019

FORECAST: Dangerous heat

Friday afternoon skies will be mostly sunny, and the temperatures will soar into the low to mid 90s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Sub-zero at daybreak

Wind chills near -10. Measurable snow possible Wednesday.

WATCH: Appleton woman remembered for spirit, humor

The missing 20-year-old was found in a car in a creek off a highway ramp.

WATCH: Green Bay snail farm inches forward

The first snail ranch in the Midwest could start in downtown Green Bay.

WATCH: Bingo game helps Clydesdales therapy farm

Whisper Hill needs to raise $30,000 -- and it's getting help from a number of events.

WATCH: Cayer courtroom confrontation

A judge ruled Jacob Cayer, accused in a double murder, is incompetent to stand trial.

WATCH: DNR: 'Loan and borrow' hunting not allowed

A DNR warden says an archer let someone register his buck so he could keep hunting.


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