VIDEO: Outsmarting online child predators

VIDEO: Outsmarting online child predators

Technology is helping children learn what to watch out for when it comes to predictors. Because of this, the numbers in these kinds of cases are becoming higher year by year.

WATCH: Allouez may be reimbursed for prison responses

A state lawmaker says 40 percent of emergency calls in Allouez are to the prison

WATCH: Appleton looks at naming alleys

Appleton leaders say it could improve emergency responses

FORECAST: Overnight rain then clearing

High near 70 Wednesday and breezy

WATCH: Kewaunee County considers ATV, snowmobile proposal

It would let ATV's and snowmobiles operate along streets of 35 MPH or slower

WATCH: Outagamie County sales tax plan

How the half-percent tax would be spent if it's approved.

WATCH: Appleton protesters say #StoptheBan

Dozens gathered on the Lawrence University Chapel steps

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