FORECAST: Warm, muggy Wednesday

FORECAST: Warm, muggy Wednesday

Scattered storms develop Wednesday afternoon

FORECAST: Cooler Thursday before weekend warmup

Light, brief sprinkles - but only for some

WATCH: Howard-Suamico parents see new security system

Parents got their first look at how people entering schools will be tracked.

WATCH: Appleton replaces truancy policy

The city council repealed its ordinance after schools adopted a new policy to address absentee students

WATCH: Victory garden

A raised-bed garden to be therapeutic for veterans has become a place for the community

WATCH: Life in the fast lane

A 14-year-old racer will make history at Road America this weekend in the NASCAR Xfinity race.

WATCH: Wisconsin #1 in dairy goat herd

Federal and state figures show Wisconsin has the largest dairy goat herd.


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