FORECAST: Warm with spotty showers Easter Sunday

Sat Apr 20 15:40:18 PDT 2019

FORECAST: Warm with spotty showers Easter Sunday

Spotty rain showers are possible at times on Easter Sunday... especially NORTH. It will be one of the warmer days so far in 2019.

WATCH: Natural Resources Board looking for public input on questions regarding deer hunting

Questions vary from the crossbow season, the December antlerless season, and extending the 9-day November gun season.

WATCH: Gov. Evers creates nonpartisan redistricting commission

An executive order was signed Monday morning to create a redistricting commission, which will look at all of the congressional districts in the state.

First Alert Weather: Temperatures drop, icy drizzle possible tonight

A light glaze of ice may be possible Monday night and Tuesday morning if surfaces aren't treated.

January 27 Birthday Club

Birthday announcements.


The clouds will continue on Tuesday, but temperatures will remain rather mild for late January.

WATCH: Crash knocks out traffic lights

The OWI crash turned the intersection into a four-way stop.


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