WATCH: Elizabeth Smart in Barron

WATCH: Elizabeth Smart in Barron

The kidnapping victim speaks in the home of Jayme Closs.

WATCH: Allouez may be reimbursed for prison responses

A state lawmaker says 40 percent of emergency calls in Allouez are to the prison

WATCH: Appleton looks at naming alleys

Appleton leaders say it could improve emergency responses

FORECAST: Overnight rain then clearing

High near 70 Wednesday and breezy

WATCH: Kewaunee County considers ATV, snowmobile proposal

It would let ATV's and snowmobiles operate along streets of 35 MPH or slower

WATCH: Outagamie County sales tax plan

How the half-percent tax would be spent if it's approved.

WATCH: Appleton protesters say #StoptheBan

Dozens gathered on the Lawrence University Chapel steps

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