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Target 2

Target 2 Investigates: How to talk to kids about online predators

Target 2 Investigates: A sex offender messaged their daughter, but no law was broken

TONIGHT AT 10: Parents give warning after social media sex offender scare

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Lottery and sweepstakes scams

Predators beware: Kids learning to outsmart criminals

TARGET 2: When your own phone number is calling, it's a scam!

WPS warns of scammers using new intimidation tactics

Target 2 Investigates: Parents concerned 'sexually violent' offenders moving into neighborhood

Target 2 Consumer Alert: People losing millions to romance scams

CONSUMER TOP 10: Telemarketing complaints up 17 percent

Target 2 Investigates: Prison informants' names were leaked, investigator says

Target 2 Investigates: Occupational licensing study makes recommendations on just 28

Study: Rumble strips, new signs would make rural Brown Co. highways safer

TARGET 2 INVESTIGATES: Employee harassment at Green Bay prison

Door County Sheriff reports scammers posing as priests and pastors

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Toys to avoid this Christmas season

Target 2 Investigates: Lawmakers hear from voters on occupational license study

Target 2 Investigates: Arguments for deregulating occupational licenses

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