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Target 2

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Lottery and sweepstakes scams

Neenah Police warn of rental property scams on Craigslist

Target 2 Investigates the cost of justice as murder case delayed again

Target 2 Update: More complaints against local wedding business

Warrants reveal what police uncovered in odometer tampering investigation

Woman out of $9,000 because of asphalt paving scam

Dashboard Deception: Duo sold cars with altered odometers, titles, police say

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Free tool guides consumers through data breaches

Charges filed against former prison employee in sex and smuggling case

Target 2: Is your vehicle safe? Wisconsin a hot target for fraudulent dealers

Target 2: No criminal charges in prison rat emoji investigation

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Prize scams and fake tech support refunds

TARGET 2 CONSUMER ALERT: Fake job offers and Medicare Card scams

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Couples sue over broken vows from wedding business

TARGET 2 INVESTIGATES: Appleton hotel shows signs of sinking

Kaukauna father warns of college admissions exam scam

TARGET 2 CONSUMER ALERT: Fake online reviews -- and a person who writes them

Under threat of court order, Kaukauna hotel pays room taxes

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