What’s for Dinner? Pelkin’s has you Covered

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With warmer weather and Father’s Day just around the corner, Pelkin’s Smokey Meat Market has you covered for dinner, last minute gift ideas and MUST HAVES you can only find at Pelkin’s. With two locations, it’s easier than ever to get the area’s best “smokey meats” and fresh cut meats.

Here are 6 “Must Have’s” when shopping at Pelkin’s:

  1. Fresh Meat - Choose from a variety of fresh cut steaks, roasts, chops and chicken. Meat is hand crafted fresh, using USDA Choice cuts of meat and cut daily in house to ensure quality.
  2. Brats – Over 70 flavors of brats. There is a flavor for everyone.
  3. Snack Sticks – 30 different varieties. Ready to eat or a great gift.
  4. Fresh and saltwater fish and seafood – Check out the sea of choices.
  5. Local Products – local cheese, spirits and products right from our local community.
  6. Spices – Hundreds of custom spices line the wall for every type of meat, poultry and fish. Ask the Butcher what he recommends.

Check out Pelkin’s Specials of the week. Each Tuesday a list of specials is posted on the website, PelkinsMeat.com and on the Facebook page. Great food at great prices. Come shop and compare the prices to your local supermarket. You’ll find Pelkin’s prices offer you higher quality cuts of beef and pork at prices that won’t roast your budget.

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Hwy 141, Crivitz 715-854-3681

1756 Riverside Drive, Suamico 920-600-0024

Pelkin's Smokey Meat Market

Crivitz store hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8am – 6pm

Friday: 8am – 7pm

Saturday: 8am – 5pm

Sunday: 8am – 3pm

Suamico store hours:

Monday-Friday: 8am – 6pm

Saturday: 8am – 3pm

Sunday: 8am – 1pm