Work Where You Vacation at Door County Medical Center

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For more than 75 years, Door County Medical Center (DCMC) has been the leader in health and wellness for Door and Kewaunee counties. DCMC is also an incredible place to work. “I think Door County Medical Center is a jewel—I really do,” said Dr. Dan Tomaszewski, Orthopedic Surgeon with DCMC’s Door Orthopedic Center. “Small towns like Sturgeon Bay don’t normally have hospitals of this quality,” he continued.

“We pay competitive wages, but our true competitive advantage is our culture,” adds Brian Stephens, Door County Medical Center CEO, “we have created an environment at Door County Medical Center where employees are empowered to give our patients the extra time and attention they deserve, and we provide our caregivers the tools they need to provide quality care.”


Despite the many benefits of working at DCMC and living in Door County, DCMC has not been immune to the effects of a general lack of available workers. In fact, the labor shortage has impacted all areas of the hospital workforce. Housekeepers, Patient Access and Patient Service Representatives, Logistics Technicians, Human Resources Generalists, Parking Attendants—these are the non-medical staff working behind the scenes every day to keep DCMC running smoothly. This is truly important work, but the labor shortage has made hiring at DCMC more difficult.

There are more workers leaving the healthcare industry than joining it. “There simply are not enough nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, and laboratory medical technicians to fill all of the needs in the United States.” Stephens added. “Two of the biggest reasons for the current nursing shortage,” Stephens continued, “are early retirements and general burnout.”

Nevertheless, Stephens remarked DCMC was still able to recruit talented clinicians to live and work in Door County. He continued, “In a way, I think the pandemic has caused many professionals to reevaluate their quality of life in larger, urban centers. Safe communities with great schools, restaurants, and outdoor activities, like those found in Door and Kewaunee Counties are very attractive to our candidates and have given us a real advantage in recruiting.”

A county-specific, and countywide disadvantage is the shortage of available and affordable housing. With this in mind, DCMC is taking proactive steps to help navigate the housing shortage situation. “We are working with the DCEDC and the City of Sturgeon Bay to do what we can to support workforce housing,” Stephens said, adding, “We have voiced support for local housing projects at Sturgeon Bay Common Council meetings and have also met with developers to help connect them with local businesses interested in investing in their projects. Additionally,” Stephens continued, “we are considering investment in a housing project.”

When you spend a large portion of your life at work, culture is everything. Working at Door County Medical Center means putting patients first, providing world-class care and having the balance you need to be your best self.

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