Convalescent Plasma Donation Helps Battle COVID-19

Sponsored - As COVID-19 continues to impact our community, The Community Blood Center encourages those who have recovered from the virus to consider donating convalescent plasma. When recovering from COVID-19, the body can create antibodies against the infection. These antibodies are found in plasma. After being donated, this plasma can be transfused to patients currently battling the coronavirus.

“I’ve always kind of been the person who never really got sick and if I did, it was very mild and maybe lasted a day,” said Mason who received convalescent plasma as part of his treatment while hospitalized with COVID-19.

His fiancé, Haylee, was also sick with the coronavirus—though her symptoms were not as severe as Mason’s. She explained Mason was tired and couldn’t catch his breath. When they checked his oxygen levels, they were low, so she took Mason to the emergency room. There, he was put on oxygen. After an x-ray, Mason was told he would have to stay in the hospital.

“They kind of told me what my treatment regimen was going to be, and I guess the one thing that kind of stood out the most was convalescent plasma,” said Mason. “It just kind of made sense and I felt pretty much back to normal in like two days. I’m not sure what exactly did it but I’m sure the plasma helped a lot.”

Grateful Mason was able to receive convalescent plasma to help him recover, Haylee was eager to help others who might be in a similar situation. She quickly became a convalescent plasma donor and scheduled her first four appointments so she could begin donating right away.

“You’d never expect us to, like, have to be in the hospital. Mason’s young and healthy so you don’t know who’s going to need the help. Someone helped Mason with their plasma so I can help someone else, too, with mine,” added Haylee.

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