RISC Zero announces a $12M Seed Round

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 11:03 AM CDT

SEATTLE, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- RISC Zero is pleased to announce a $12M Seed Round led by Bain Capital Crypto. Follow-on investors include Geometry, D1 Ventures and Cota Capital among others. Angel investors include Jing Wang of Optimism, Meltem Demirrors of Coinshares, Kain Warwick formerly of Synthetix, Marvin Ammori of Uniswap Labs, Eva Beylin and Tegan Kline of The Graph, and Calvin Liu formerly of Compound, Lev Livnev of Symbolic Capital Partners, and Lucas Vogelsang of Centrifuge.

RISC Zero: The General Purpose Zero-Knowledge VM. Prove any Computation. Verify Instantly.
RISC Zero: The General Purpose Zero-Knowledge VM. Prove any Computation. Verify Instantly.(PRNewswire)

This is RISC Zero's second round, after a $2M pre-seed led by Geometry and Ramez Naam Ventures.

RISC Zero is a startup with a humble mission – to fix the internet. We develop cutting-edge products utilizing zero-knowledge cryptography

We believe that in order for the internet to be truly free, cloud computing technologies must:

1) Be cheap enough that anyone in the world can use them

2) Be accessible enough that any developer can build on them using standard programming languages

3) Provide privacy options which give users and developers control over their digital identity and all of the data associated with it

4) Be owned by their users

Our first open source product was released in March 2022 - the RISC Zero zero-knowledge virtual machine (zkVM). The zkVM enables any program to run in a verifiable manner with no trusted authorities. This seemingly simple property has profound implications for all aspects of distributed computing, but especially for blockchain-related technologies.

Recent developments in zero-knowledge proofs have made the possibility of nearly infinite scalability not just a distant possibility, but a real eventuality – one that we are hard at work realizing.

"Zero knowledge proofs are integral to many important blockchain privacy and scalability efforts. Risc Zero has demonstrated the first zkVM that natively supports standard languages and tools such as C++ and Rust through LLVM. We're thrilled to partner with the RISC Zero team as they empower developers to realize the full potential of this technology." says Alex Evans at Bain Capital Crypto on their decision to lead the round.

RISC Zero is building a next generation scalable blockchain using zero-knowledge proof technology along with our RISC-V zkVM. Our implementation allows developers who are used to programming in Rust, Go, C++ and other standard programming languages to write on-chain decentralized applications that look and feel like more traditional web applications – unlocking the potential of Web3 for a much broader swath of the global developer population.

Kobi Gukan, Cofounder at Geometry, says "It was a mind-blowing experience checking out the early versions of RISC Zero and being able to run a game written in Rust, no less! The team has a unique approach and spirit and it shows"

A developer-oriented preview of our new network will be launched in Q3 2022. It will allow developers to build applications that utilize our core technological innovations ahead of the launch of our uniquely scalable blockchain.

To learn more about our products we encourage interested parties to experiment with our open source code base, read our documentation, and engage with our community on Discord!


If you are interested in joining our team, please check out our Careers page:


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