WBAY wants to advance the conversation about race in Northeast Wisconsin. Community members are sharing their stories about racism: how it looks and how it feels. These are honest conversations to spark a dialogue.

This is the Power 2 Change.

Harry Sydney is the founder of My Brother’s Keeper, a non-profit male mentoring program, which began in 2003. He mentors men about living with integrity and respect. Sydney is a former NFL player and coach. He won two Super Bowl rings as part of the San Francisco 49′ers in 1988 and 1989. He came to play for the Green Bay Packers for his final season in 1992. He then transitioned to coaching for the Packers and won another Super Bowl as the running backs coach in 1996.

Sydney speaks candidly for Power 2 Change about his first memories of racism and how he believes the conversation about race can begin.

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