Report: Great Lakes climate warming faster than rest of U.S.

A flooded basement isn't the only problem after snow and ice melt

Flood cleanup continues in Fond du Lac

Water damage at Fox Crossing apartment building estimated at $30K

Weather is ripe for roof collapses

Winter weather impacting kid's mental health

Highway crews prepare for another storm Wednesday

Appleton tows 45 vehicles during snow emergency

Driving blind around tall snowbanks

Oshkosh residents dig out from heavy snowfall

'Respect the weather': police use sass to get drivers to slow down in snow

How much did you get? Snowfall totals for February 12

Winter depleted state salt supply in Brown County

Embracing the winter weather in Wisconsin

What are frost quakes?

Drivers venture out on icy roads despite warnings

Winter storm has Fox Valley residents digging out again

More choices than ever for melting ice

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