Steven Avery

Attorney points finger at Dassey brother, says Avery was framed

Netflix set to release part 2 of "Making a Murderer"

First trailer released for Making A Murderer Part 2

Netflix announces premiere of Making A Murderer Part 2

Judge: Evidence was not withheld from Avery's trial defense

Dassey's mother hands over computer to Avery forensic expert

Avery wants to present evidence from recent computer examination

Avery attorney tweets response to detective's affidavit on evidence CD

Avery attorney files motion asking judge to support CD of evidence

Ruling: Request for substitute judge in Avery case is "premature"

Supreme Court meets to discuss Brendan Dassey case

US Supreme Court to review Brendan Dassey case next week

Steven Avery case goes back to circuit court

Avery asking to introduce "missing crucial data" in appeal

State asks US Supreme Court to deny Dassey's request for hearing

American Psychological Association supports Dassey review in Supreme Court

Juvenile justice advocates ask Supreme Court to review Dassey case

Appeals court rules for State, says Dassey's confession was not coerced

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