Scam Alert

Scam Alert: No, a deputy isn't going to settle your warrant for a "reduced" cost

New scam alert: Scammers ask you to install app to give you "refund"

Scammer said he's with Dodge County Sheriff's Office; the sheriff called him back

No, Microsoft isn't going out of business; no, you aren't getting a refund

FCC and Senate teaming up to take down robocall scams

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Hiring scam preys on job seekers

Hundreds of people's health information breached in Manitowoc County

Police warn about new calls in an old phone scam

Oshkosh Police say new email scam targets business workers

Latest utility scam targets businesses

WPS sees a surge in utility scam calls

Police warn of scam targeting people in Green Bay

Fake Amazon order cancellation emails going around

Outagamie Co. Sheriff's Dept. warning about phone scam

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Automated "IRS" scam calls

Scams push foreclosure fraud to limit, taking victims' homes

Man walks into police station with IRS scammer on the phone

WPS sees another surge in utility scam calls

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