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About Us

Our Practice

It is our desire for you to achieve your optimal health. We are honored to come along side you and serve as your guide on your health journey. To better care for you, Dr. Vander Wielen begins treatment by carefully listening to your health concerns. After a comprehensive health history is taken and a thorough exam, Dr. Vander Wielen may perform additional objective diagnostic tests. He takes a careful, methodical approach to assessing your health because he does not believe in guessing at your health. Taking a conservative approach, Dr. Vander Wielen’s treatments are 100% natural and are based on peer review research found in medical journals.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that God designed our bodies to be healthy and to be restored when we fall out of health. We were each created uniquely and therefore have a unique biochemical and physiological makeup. Our genes, the way we handle stress, the way our bodies interact with the environment and our lifestyle choices all play an important role in our health. When we experience dis-ease, healing and function are restored by identifying and removing the obstacles to health. Health issues are usually multi-system problems, so a healer must be able to look at the function and interaction of different systems in the body.

Through a comprehensive health history, thorough exam and objective testing, Dr. Vander Wielen will come to understand you as a whole person. He will identify how your body is functioning on a cellular level and determine where your body has fallen out of health. From a place of knowledge, he will educate you on how your body is functioning and interacting with the environment. He will teach you how to best care for yourself and live in your own skin as it were.

Dr. Vander Wielen provides encouragement and motivation to take charge of your own health. Serving as a guide to rebuilding your health, Dr. Vander Wielen firmly believes:

We were each designed with an amazing ability to rebuild, renew and heal when we take care of ourselves properly.