Yelich moves to LF, Ryan Braun back at 1B

Milwaukee Brewers' Christian Yelich is seen during the second inning of a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

PHOENIX - The Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell is preparing to shift his outfield around.

Counsell told reporters Monday he plans to move Christian Yelich from right field to left.

The Brewers signed Avisaíl García this offseason to play left field. The team plans to have veteran Ryan Braun split time with García.

"It's putting (Avisail Garcia) in his best position which is right field and probably Christian (Yelich) in his best position," Brewers Manager Craig Counsell said Monday. "Those are the guys that probably are out there more. The most games with Ryan (Bruan) playing first base. He's just not going to be out in the outfield as much. Ideally I'd like Christian to just stay in left field. That's what we'd like to do. That's kind of something that as we go through spring training we'll make a decision on."

Braun will also have to dust off his first baseman's mitt and again preparing for a move to the infield. He tried a similar transition two years ago after Milwaukee acquired Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich.

Braun worked there in camp and started at first on opening day but quickly moved back to his home in left field as Jesús Aguilar had a breakout season.

Yelich won a Glove Glove Award in 2014 in left field for the Miami Marlins. Yelich who is coming off a season ending fractured kneecap said he is ready to go for spring training.

"I feel like it's a regular Spring Training for me and not really coming off any injury or anything. I feel fine and just to walk in here normal was really cool. I'll probably do some stuff. I don't know if I'll go crazy on the field. I'll probably just hit in the cage maybe play a little catch and just ease into it," Yelich said.

Yelich is not expected to play the first week of Cactus League play. The Brewers will hold its first full squad workout on Tuesday.

The first spring training game for the crew is Saturday, Feb. 22 against the Texas Rangers at 2:05 PM CT.