Wurtz Adds Veteran Leadership to the Wisconsin GLO

Guard Taylor Wurtz has played professionally in women's basketball for nearly five years.

She joined the Wisconsin GLO in May after wrapping up season in France.

"It was a little bit of a rush and I landed on a Thursday," Wurtz said "I was really excited for the opportunity, so I was ready to jump right in and meet everyone."

Wurtz's impact was immediate.

GLO head coach Dan Carey proclaimed he's even learned more about the game from the guard.

"She is a worker, no matter the circumstances," Carey said. "She has a really high IQ too, you can tell. She's curious and she wants to be coached."

Wurtz believes the newfound league can reach the same heights of success the women's game has hit overseas.

"It's definitely more competitive there, but I can see this league has the potential to get there," Wurtz said. "I think the GLO is setting the standard for that. We know what that standard is and we are trying to take this league to the next level."