"Wisconsin Glo" unveiled as new women's pro basketball team in Oshkosh

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY)- As we first reported several weeks ago, a professional women's basketball team is coming to Oshkosh this spring.

On Wednesday that team was unveiled as the "Wisconsin Glo."

On the same court where the Wisconsin Herd play at Menominee Nation Arena, the area's first women's team is now expected to give basketball fans something extra.

"Most of them are going to have Wisconsin backgrounds -- either they played at UWGB, Madison, or they played at UW-Milwaukee, or Marquette," said Greg Pierce, president of Fox Valley Pro Basketball.

He added, "This is just an exciting opportunity for them to be able to continue to play the game they love."

The team, now called the Wisconsin Glo, will have a 12-person roster and be one of five teams that make up the Global Women's Basketball Association, which was established in 2016.

"The league is small, but it's all veterans of women's minor league basketball. Two of the teams in the league -- one is in Flint, Michigan, and one is in St. Louis -- have been multiple time champions in other leagues and have all joined this league," said Pierce.

Other rival teams will be in Topeka, Kansas, and Nashville.

Former Oshkosh Mayor Frank Tower says he's confident the Glo will garner lots of support.

"It was interesting, when we kind of hinted that this was happening and we actually put out a poll on Facebook to say hey, what do you think they team name might be? And we had a couple different options and the reaction we received was instantaneous. People were excited," said Tower, who also serves as director of operations at the Menominee Nation Arena.

Season tickets for the Glo go on sale starting Friday.

The first game is May 10, which is part of an exhibition tournament.

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