Waupun's Marcus Domask hits the 2000 point career mark

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WAUPUN, Wisc. (WBAY) Waupun's Marcus Domask is now part of an exclusive club in Wisconsin.

Las Friday against Campbellsport, the Warriors senior hit the 2000 mark in career points. He's just one of 35 boys basketball players in the state to reach that milestone. He was unaware he was in such good company.

“I had no idea until right now,” Marcus Domask said. “That's pretty cool. I mean, there's a lot of basketball players in the Wisconsin, and to be in that elite category, that's pretty special."

While Domask may not have known about the elite club he would join last Friday, he was aware of just how close he was to that 2000 point mark. No one would let him forget it.

“When I scored 1000, I didn't really know,” Domask said. “I was near it and then when I had the school record, I didn't really know, but 2000 I knew just because I had so many people reminding me in the hallways and the student section, excited to come to the game, kind of like pressuring me to score the 25 that I needed, so 2000 was made aware for me.”

“The fans, I know they had signs and stuff, and they obviously wanted to get it, get it that night,” Waupun Head Coach, Dan Domask said. “He needed 25, which of course takes a good outing in order to get it. To be honest, those are the kinds of the things, I know, and I can speak so truthfully he does usually know where he's at with points or anything like that. Stats just aren't a real big priority to him."

“It’s a pretty cool accomplishment,” Domask said. “I mean, I realize that there's a lot more to basketball than points, but yeah, it's a cool personal accolade I’m pretty proud of.”

Now, that the pressure of hitting that 2000 point benchmark is behind him, Marcus says he can focus on what's most important to him—getting the Warriors back to the state tournament for the first time in the 2015-2016 season and gearing up to play at Northern Kentucky.

“I’m really excited to head out there,” Domask said. “You know, I went on my official visit and spent the night out there, and I just felt a really good bond with the team. They kind of felt like brothers to me, and just the tradition of winning that they've had over there has been really, really impressive to me.”