Timber Rattlers start the season with a snowy Media Day

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GRAND CHUTE, Wisc. (WBAY) It was a snowy 2018 Timber Rattlers Media Day. The team was forced to stay indoors, for the most part, on Tuesday to avoid the snowstorm coming down on northeast Wisconsin. Only the bravest of the team ventured out for some fun in the snow.

“We have a number of Latino players and some American kids that grew up in the South,” Timber Rattlers Manager Matt Erickson said. “I don't think many of them have seen snow. We do have a few, but it's just a handful of kids on our roster that have seen snow, so this is an interesting day.”

“I mean, I've never been in snow but it's pretty good,” Timber Rattlers infielder Gabriel Garcia said. “I mean, I kind of love it for seeing it the first time. It's pretty cool. I don't know I don't think playing in snow and baseball they don't go along but we're about to see.”

In less than 24 hours, conditions at Fox Cities Stadium went from no snow to light snow to a full on blizzard.

“I know yesterday we were able to get on the field and had a really good work day,” Erickson said. “All of our pitchers were able to throw pens. We had a situational game. We took batting practice out there. Infielders got a number of ground balls and they responded with, ‘It's not so bad.’ I quickly reminded most of our games are when the sun is down and the wind comes out.

The Timber Rattlers will open up their season on Thursday in Beloit, and return on Saturday for their home opener.