Super Bowl LIII: Goodell addresses blown call in NFC Championship

ATLANTA, Ga. (WBAY) It’s not that the Rams are undeserving, but there is near universal agreement that the Saints should be here in the Super Bowl.

Had pass interference, or an illegal helmet hit, been called at the end of the NFC championship, New Orleans would have had a 98% probability of winning according to ESPN.

“It’s a play that should be called," admitted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in his first public comments after the missed call. "We are going to make sure we do everything possible to address the issues moving forward. And we will see if there are improvements we can make with instant replay or anything else."

On Wednesday Goodell would not fully endorse nor denounce calls for instant replay to provide for the challenging of judgment call penalties. He remarked that the Competition Committee has always been hesitant to go down that road, but that could change now, especially with Saints coach Sean Payton on the Competition Committee.

"This is critical for us to analyze, to evaluate, and to see if there is a better solution than what we have today," Goodell said. "I think the committee will definitely consider this. Always what happens in the competition committee is not just considering a solution but what are the unintended consequences to that solution."

Last year’s Super Bowl referee, the now-retired Gene Steratore, is wholeheartedly against revising judgement calls.

"if we open the box of putting instant replay into judgment calls, we open up Pandora’s box a little bit," Steratore said. "As to what is enough, and what isn’t enough? How big is a big mistake? Naturally because this is a big play and happens at the end of the game."

Of course, on a regular season stage, the Packers came out on the wrong end of the egregious Fail Mary call that could have been avoided with expanded replay (or non-replacement refs). That game? Did cost the Packers a bye in the playoffs that year.