Super Bowl LIII: stats show why OT change may be needed

ATLANTA, Ga. (WBAY) - Let me show you the 4 most important moments in 4 recent postseason games. But ... these game-changing plays... were not *plays* at all. And now change may be needed.

The moments? Coin tosses.

Heads or tails did a lot to determine the 2014 NFC Championship, where NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers did not touch the ball in overtime.

Rodgers also had no recourse the next year, helplessly watching overtime in Arizona.

In 2016, MVP Matt Ryan never saw the ball in overtime of the Super Bowl.

And now, presumptive MVP Pat Mahomes had to watch Tom Brady end the AFC Title Game while he watched.

It seems that there may finally be momentum towards a rules update, but It’s hardly unanimous in league circles.

"I think they probably will at some point," said Bleacher Report writer and former Packers beat writer Tyler Dunne. "That is what the NFL wants, right? They want these quarterbacks to be the headliners and be in those moments making those plays. I think that is going to probably drive it in that direction."

"Yeah I mean you can tweak everything or tweak nothing," said former Cowboys quarterback and SB 53 broadcaster Tony Romo. "You were just trying to make the game better. Every year at the end of the year you were always in big games going to have something that could be changed or tweaked. It’s not just as simple as well this is better to watch."

"As a defense if you let them go down there and score a touchdown, to be the game is over," said former Packers WR and SB 45 champion James Jones. "If you go 80 yards on a defense in overtime you deserve to win. I feel like you deserve to win. I don’t feel like the other team should get a shot. I feel like it is fair."

The argument that your defense should be able to stop someone to be guaranteed a chance on offense in overtime ignores the offensive tilt to the game.

The final four full drives of regulation in the AFC Title Game ended with touchdowns. If the Chiefs should be forced to stop Tom Brady in overtime, shouldn’t the Pats be required to stop Pat Mahomes?

Fans certainly seem ready for change, in a Twitter poll 78% said both offenses need a shot in OT.