Sturgeon spearing nears trigger on Upriver Lakes

Colton Dunham poses with the largest sturgeon registered on day 3 of the 2018 season (Dept. of Natural Resources photo)

LAKE WINNEBAGO, Wis. (WBAY) - Tuesday might be the last day for spearing on the Upriver Lakes.

Despite a much smaller harvest on Monday, 109 sturgeon were registered, including 21 adult females on the upriver lakes of the Winnebago system.

The total for adult females is now just two shy of the trigger to end the season after one more day, on Wednesday..

If eleven are bagged, there won't be an extra day; the season on the Upriver Lakes will end on Tuesday.

Spearers registered 48 sturgeon from Lake Winnebago, where the water is much murkier. Those totals included 24 adult males, another 21 adult females, and three juvenile females.

There's still plenty of room under the harvest cap on Lake Winnebago.

The largest sturgeon registered on Monday was Colton Dunham's 153.7 pound, 79 inch sturgeon from Boom Bay.

Jeffrey Dreher had the largest fish taken from Lake Winnebago, measuring in at 147.7 pounds and just over 74-and-a-half inches.