Sitting or starting? Aaron Rodgers wants to close out the season

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) With the playoffs off the table for the Packers for a second straight season, the big question is "Will Aaron Rodgers start the final two games of the season?” If you saw Sunday afternoon's game against the Bears, you may have noticed grimacing. In his postgame presser, Rodgers said he tweaked his groin when throwing that Hail Mary to close out the first half, and it bothered him a “little bit” in the second half.

In spite of this possible tweak, Rodgers has every intention of playing. Sunday, Rodgers was asked very specifically if ending the right way as he had mentioned earlier, meant he would be playing.

“For sure,” Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers replied.

Rodgers was further questioned about the subject. He was asked if the Packers brain trust or head coach wanted to see their backup, DeShone Kizer get some reps if he would mind.

“Yeah, probably,” Rodgers replied. “Look no one has talked to me about it. I want to play though. I am expecting to start and play. I'd like to be out there and lead us the last two weeks.”

Packers Interim Head Coach Joe Philbin was much less definitive on the subject.

“In a general sense, my philosophy is that football players are paid to play football games and football coaches are paid to play football coaches,” Packers Interim Head Coach Joe Philbin said. “The week is early and we're just going to have to see. I have no idea what his (Rodgers) status will be. Hopefully, he'll be ready to play, but again, nobody is going to go out on that field unless they are physically ready to go out on the field and contribute to the success of the team, so yeah, it’s just a little early, I don't have a lot of—I can't sit here and tell you unequivocally yes, or unequivocally no.”

Backup quarterback Deshone Kizer and Coach Philbin both said neither has been involved in conversations of Kizer getting any reps against the Jets or the Lions.