SNC kicker Thompson-Meyers holds pro day

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - Spenser Thompson-Meyers has a strong left leg. And that's putting it lightly. And his highly specific set of skills have opened the All-American up to pro possibilties.

“It would mean everything,” Thompson-Meyers said. “It's all I've wanted. I've always wanted to be a pro athlete. I used to think it was baseball. And then soccer. Because that's what I played growing up, and then ever since I started playing football that's what I've been focusing on. That's been my dream.”

Thompson-Meyers has been coached up at St. Norbert, but he got himself to the college level nearly by himself.

“I literally watched YouTube videos of Justin Tucker and Sebastian Janikowski. I'm pretty sure Justin Tucker had his pro day on YouTube, so I filmed myself one day and then say him and saw that I needed to lean more off the ball,” Thompson-Meyers said. “I just went from there.”

Division 3 St. Norbert may not be accustomed to hosting NFL scouts for pro days, but this was not a surprise after a full quarter of the league came through De Pere to scout the kicker last season.

“We had about 8 teams come in throughout the fall,” said St. Norbert coach Dan McCarty. “Pretty special. He performed great when they all were here. Didn't miss a kick for any of them.”

“It's been exciting,” Thompson-Meyers said. “I have just been taking it all in and enjoying the process. It's a luxury and a privilege just to be going through this to even be considered by the NFL.”

A windy Wednesday made kicking a challenge for him pro day, but he left satisfied with what he showed.

“They said I did a good job,” Thompson-Meyers said. “They said they were going to document the wind. Hopefully I will get a workout in their Hutson Center later in the month so I don't have to play with the variables. I think it went pretty good overall.”