Rodgers not worried about contract or reports

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GREEN BAY, WIS (WBAY)- It is very likely that Aaron Rodgers and other Packers veterans entering their 6th year in the league and beyond, will be able to start their summer vacation at the end of this week. As in recent years, Head Coach Mike McCarthy is leaning towards excusing those players from next week's mandatory minicamp.

That means the next time Rodgers re-surfaces in Green Bay could be training camp; and it's a toss-up if he will have a new contract extension by then.

Rodgers said on Monday that he does not have a so-called “drop dead” date for negotiations. It does not matter to him if those talks continue into training camp, or even into the regular season. “That’s why I have my agent; he’s handling the conversations,” Rodgers said. “I have two years on my deal so I don't have a drop dead date. I expect to play at a MVP-caliber level this year like I do every year, and I'm not worried about it.”

It has been reported here and elsewhere since the NFL Annual Meeting In March that the qb might be seeking more than just money in his new deal; for example, compensation tied to a percentage of the salary cap, or player options. That possibility was again brought up in an NFL Network report last week.

And it will probably happen again--until this deal eventually gets done.

“I don't talk about it to the media, and I don't think my agent is either,” said Rodgers Monday. “So, a lot of it is just conjecture or stories that aren't really based in factual interactions, or misrepresented actions. I think that is just part of it, it's kind of a slow period for football right now. I don't have anything to report at this point, but I'm sure there'll be some unnamed sources close to me that have some sort of scoop along the way.”