Reviewable pass interference has upset everyone in 2019 season

MIAMI, Fla. (WBAY) - Here in South Florida at Super Bowl 54 the last thing anyone wants Sunday is for reviewable pass interference to become an issue.

The irony is that a rule designed to fix mistakes has made non-calls more maddening than ever.

Former NFL Director of Officiating Mike Pereira, a voice of calm and reason, was just as upset as fans at home, watching calls stand.

"Well I certainly don't think it should continue," Pereira said of reviewing interference calls. :Whenever you put a rule in, that basically has 2 separate standards, you have the standard of how you want officials to call it on the field when we are talking about pass interference, and then if it goes to replay it has a totally different standard. That makes no sense to anybody.

"It doesn't make sense to players. it doesn't make sense to coaches. It doesn't make sense to fans. And it doesn't make sense to me. To me the rule never really had a chance to succeed. Listen, this was a one-year vote which means it will take 24 votes to get it back in and I think they alienated a bunch of those votes that voted for it this past year.

"Keep the standard the same! Make the standard the same. Mason Rudolph (in his overtime game winner) in the end zone against the Saints, that is offensive pass interference. And if they called that on the field the officially would (have been graded) have been given a correct call. But replay looks at it and says it's not enough for us. Well if it is enough for the officials to call, then it should be enough for instant replay to call. And unless they do those two things I think it is going to fail."

"I think it was absolutely terrible," said former Packers WR James Jones.."I remember when I used to play, I used to tell the referees before the game 'come here man, let me tell you, let them hold me. Because I am going to push off if they hold me. I'm not just going to let them hold me. Let us play.'"