Reedsville hurdler chases state-title 4-peat

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REEDSVILLE, Wisc. (WBAY) Athletes can chase a state title for their entire careers and never get there, but Reedsville's Faith Lubner has run away with so many championships, she now has the chance to make school history.

“I just want to break my personal record and do as good as I can throughout the season,” said Faith Lubner.

Faith Lubner's goal for her senior track season doesn't seem out of the ordinary, except her personal records usually mean 1st places finishes and state titles.

She's a three-time state champion in the 300 meter hurdles. She can become the first panther to win 4 state titles in a single event. Lubner also has two state titles in the 100 hurdles, but she didn't always finish on top the podium.

“It was my very first race at state, and I was nervous of course and we started and we got to about the eighth hurdle, and I tripped and fell and kind of did a tuck and roll and got back up and finished the race and ended up taking last,” said Lubner.

That was the last time Faith would experience life at the back of the pack.

“It’s been a growing experience for both of us. My job as a coach was to turn it into a positive,” said track and field coach, Christine Shimek.

The anticipation of a possible four peat is just as real for faith as it is her coach. Up until this point in her career, Coach Shimek says she’s had just a handful of athletes of faith's caliber and even the most talented of them has managed to win just two gold medals in any single track event.

“It would be a dream for me both for her as an athlete and me as a coach. To have that happen would make me very proud,” said Shimek.

“I mean, it's an honor, not many people get this chance so I’m going to try and take advantage of it."