Packers' turnover tale is most important story

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's all about turnovers.

Last year the Packers had only 15 takeaways, and despite just 2 interceptions thrown by their 2-time MVP, Green Bay finished the year dead even in turnover margin.

That margin is often the margin between victory and defeat, which is why it's good to have a signal caller who set the all-time record last year with 402 passes without a pick.

“You’ve got to own the ball from an offensive perspective and defensively you have to attack it,” said coach Matt LaFleur. “I think last week the teams that won the turnover battle were 10-2-1. There is no secret to the recipe for success in this league. I think that was the difference for us last week. We took care of the ball and were +1 in the turnover battle. But you never want to let turnovers dictate how aggressive you want to be from an offensive perspective. In order to generate yardage and points, and really points is what matters from an offensive perspective, is what matters.”

Aaron Rodgers has been historically good at interception avoidance and he will need to be on his game as the Vikings visit this weekend. Amazingly, in 21 starts against Minnesota, Rodgers has just 6 interceptions in his career. But this is a Vikings team that can take it away in torrents. They had a +3 turnover differential in Week 1.

“It's just high-percentage passes,” Rodgers said. “You are trying to find, in the progression, what guys give you the highest chance of a completion and the lowest percentage of a negative play. I'm not going to change. We are going to keep taking care of the football. Like I said after the game, we have a little different defense this year which is nice.”

It will likely take a few more than 10 points to win Sunday. The Packers scored the 3rd-fewest points of any team in Week 1, yet won.

Believe it or not, Green Bay and Minnesota were the only 2 teams last year to finish dead even in turnover margin. The Vikings had 20 turnovers to offset their 20 takeaways.