Packers special teams receives praise after awesome opener

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Green Bay After the Packers win last Thursday in Chicago, Aaron Rodgers grinned ear to ear extolling the virtues of his defense.

But what about the special teams?

J.K. Scott punted the heck out of the pigskin, Mason Crosby made both his kicks, and the coverage teams put in yeoman's work.

“It seems, as opposed to maybe years in the past, that there are more guys buying into (special) teams,” Rodgers said. “Whether it's Allen Lazard, who realizes his role as a backup receiver and makes the most or it, or Raven Greene, or Adrian Amos, a starting safety who plays most of the teams. That's really important. And you pair that with a great field goal kicker and one of the nicest, most interesting men in the locker room in J.K. Scott as our punter, who can get his leg above his damn head and touch his helmet. He is pretty impressive.”

New coordinator Shawn Mennenga has seen immediate buy-in as he tries to turn the Packers special teams into a strength, after a flag fest and blunders to behold last year.

And when Packers teammates see starting safety Adrian Amos going all out on coverage teams, they know it's important.

“(Adrian) went down and got 2 tackles aside from playing 70-plus snaps,” Mennenga said. “That's a tribute to him being dialed in and making plays for us.”

“It's all football,” Amos said. “Everything matters. Everything counts. You can win a game or lose a game on special teams. As you could see last week Minnesota got the momentum early from a blocked punt. So special teams is important.”

Running back Jamaal Williams has bought in as well, he was fired up celebrating his punt coverage tackle in the opener.

“You're damn skippy, I did,” Williams said. “Really I am just trying to do everything I can to help the team win. I have no problem tackling somebody, I like it. It makes me feel like a hybrid. My high school nickname was Mr. Do It All. I'm about to get back to it in a minute with all these tackles.”