Packers offense picks up the pace in OTA Week 2

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Green Bay
The 2nd week of Packers OTA practices brought with it some pace, some serious pace on offense. Especially during red zone periods the offense worked on the getting the play in the huddle, bursting to the line of scrimmage, and then snapping the ball as fast as possible to get the defense on its heels.

“I think that the more you can change gears in terms of tempo on defense, the more it just keeps them a little bit off balance,’ said coach Matt LaFleur. “We will certainly mix in some of that stuff.”

“You see it on film,” said receiver Davante Adams. “They have shown us film of different teams doing the same thing, and how it catches defenses off guard. Obviously defenses don't just line up and play Cover 2 or whatever, it's a lot more complicated than that on their side too. When they can see us and they have to communicate, it gives them less time to see what's going on and talk to one another and figure out what is going on and whatnot. Then we have guys running free. Seeing that on film definitely excited all of us.”

“They deceived us all day today man,” said cornerback Tramon Williams. “All day. They have a good tempo going to the offense right now. And they continue to show us a little bit each day. They (sic) ain't giving us the whole throttle each and every day. But they giving us a little bit each day. They showed us a little more today. The offense is looking good.”

Returning to practice was WR Davante Adams, who was held out of last week's open practice as a precautionary measure. And Adams put on a show, which included catching a touchdown pass against Tramon Williams in the back left corner of the end zone.