Packers must maximize home sweet home stretch

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - After picking up a huge road victory in Week 1, the Packers return home to a huge gift from the schedule makers, who placed Green Bay at Lambeau Field for 5 of its next 6 games.

“We are going to have to get these early in the season to set us up for some of the tough road stretches down in the back half of the season,” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “It's going to be important for us to start fast and get the home field advantage going.”

But the first year head coach is not allowing a macro view of things this early in the season.

“It is one game at a time,” said coach Matt LaFleur. “I am not worried about what comes down the road. It is the Minnesota Vikings. And they just put a thumping on a really good football team. We've got our work cut out for us and we have to stay focused on the task at hand.”

One of the tasks at hand is improving the Lambeau Field atmosphere. To that end, LaFleur toyed with things in the preseason with a fog horn blaring on defensive third downs and the lights dimmed to celebrate touchdowns.

“I just think the more you can get the fans involved,” LaFleur said. “Anybody that was there last week in Chicago could feel that. You could feel it from pregame. It felt like it had a playoff-like feel to it. They were screaming their head off during the anthem. That type of environment is challenging on offenses and that's what we want here. We want our fans to stand up and get loud and really support our players.”

“My only ask is that we don't do the wave when we are on offense,” Rodgers said. “Other than that be loud from the start. Hopefully nobody says sit down to anybody. I've heard that happens from time to time. When somebody stands up somebody else tells them to sit down. But we'd love everybody to get up.”