Packers love playing in Dallas, where they are 4-0 in AT&T Stadium

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Last year the Packers lost their first 7 road games. This season the team got a great start away from home with a Week 1 win. But...

“We have only had 1 road game,” said coach Matt LaFleur. “We are going to have to do a great job of handling the environment there. There are a lot of distractions and it gets really loud in that stadium as well. Our guys are going to be pumping the crowd noise nice and loud at practice today to prepare for that environment on Sunday.”

The Packers trip to Dallas isn't just a venture into any old road environment, it's a trip to visit the team's own personal utopian oasis.

Green Bay is undefeated in Jerry World, 4-0 all-time in AT&T Stadium, with 4 epic wins to celebrate.

First there was Super Bowl XLV.
Then, in 2013, the largest comeback in franchise history with Matt Flynn at the helm.
In 2016 the Packers’ playoff heroics broke the Cowboys hearts.
And then in 2017 Dallas would once again bear witness to last-minute heroics by the Packers.

“There are just some places that you feel really comfortable,” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “We have had some fun games there over the years. Obviously a couple big ones. Different teams and different situations. Obviously one of those games was not against the Cowboys. But we have had some great games over the year in that building. One I didn't even play in. We were down 26-3 at halftime and Flynn brought them back.”

“We have had some great ones down there in that stadium,” said kicker Mason Crosby. “You can't get caught up in trying to recreate a situation that happened there in the past. We have to look at this one for what it is. What our team is and what their team is.”