Packers defense looks to dominate Bears again

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Way back in Week 1, the Packers defense had its best game of the year, making Mitch Trubisky and the Bears look down-right inept on offense. The Green Bay "D' is hoping to reprise its dominant role when to 2 teams tangle again Sunday.

“We were just sound in our technique and played well together and didn't let him have anything easy,” said safety Adrian Amos.

"It set the tone for the season, holding them to 3 points and limiting their big plays," said pass rusher Preston Smith. "We know what we did then. We have to try our best to at least replicate that performance or player a lot better than we did in that first game. We know what we are facing with the play-makers and quarterback. We know what we have to do to get the job done. We just have to go out there and execute."

There’s no doubt that Trubisky is playing better these days. He has a hat trick of touchdown tosses each of the last 2 weeks and he is using his legs to amplify his skill-set on the field. To the Packers' defenders, there is one thing that jumps out on the game film above all else: he is embracing his natural skill set.

“He is scrambling well,” Smith said. “He is using his feet more to make plays. I think earlier in the season it looked like he was trying to establish himself more as a pocket passer. Now he is using his athleticism, which is what got him here, and the things he did good. I guess he is finding more success doing that.”

“He's also playing with a lot more confidence too,” said rookie safety Darnell Savage. “He just seems a lot more comfortable. Confidence helps any player.”

After the opener, cornerback Tramon Williams talked about wanting to make Mitch "play quarterback" in the opener. Playing quarterback this Sunday will be a challenge amidst wind chills near zero and air temps around 15 degrees. Matt LaFleur is lucky enough to have Aaron Rodgers' skill-set on his side.

“That's a luxury we have,” LaFleur said. “Certainly if you don't have that, it can get your out of some things and dictate what you call.”

The Packers hope to dictate things for Trubisky with an early lead. A one-dimensional Trubisky, in the elements, is what every Green Bay defender is itching for this week.