Packers coach Matt LaFleur goes 1-on-1 with Dave Schroeder (Part 1)

MIAMI, Fla. (WBAY) -

Schroeder: Here at NFL Honors with, now, 2nd-year Packers head coach Matt LaFleur. What does it feel like to be able to stay put and not have to move the family and learn a new team.

LaFleur: It feels really good. It's the first time since I was back in Atlanta in the 2015 season. It's been a while. I know my wife is probably more relieved than anybody.

Schroeder: And the last time you went into a year #2 with a team, your Atlanta Falcons went to the Super Bowl. How much of a leg up is it, really, being in place having the players learning your system in a 2nd year?

LaFleur: I think it is huge. They understand what the expectations are and we have laid that foundation and we are excited.

Schroeder: I know your brother is here. One of you was going to make it when you met in the NFC Championship. What's it like to watch him on this stage.

LaFleur: It's great. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather it be us, and it is tough being down here knowing what is at stake. But I only have one brother and I love him to death and I want to be here to support him.

Schroeder: I have talked to a lot of people, Mike Pereira and Mark Murphy (who is on the competition committee) about some rules changes and possibilities. One of those topics is reviewable pass interference. What did you think of how it went this year vs. how you expected it might go?

LaFleur: It was definitely a learning process. Once you got a feel for how it was going to go it dictated how we would challenge those non-PI or PI calls.

Schroeder: Should they bring it back? Or should they do away with it after the one-year trial period?

LaFleur: To me it really doesn't matter. We will adjust.