New Holstein in the hunt for the final WIAA summer baseball state title

NEW HOLSTEIN, Wisc. (WBAY) WIAA summer baseball has reached its end—almost. The 54th and final season of the sport is nearly done, with the postseason beginning this week.

It's truly the end of an era for the New Holstein Huskies.

“Well it's a big thing for me because I played myself and went to state three times and coached three times, teams at state,” Head Coach Chad Feucht said. “I'm going to miss it."

“It’s just been a lot of fun like always having something to look forward to in the summer,” New Holstein infielder Casey Schrage said. “There's not much to do in this area, you know, you're always looking forward to games with the 12, 14 guys in the dugout having a good time with them."

The Huskies have had more good times playing summer baseball than most teams. Their 19 state tournament appearances are the most in WIAA history.

“You never forget where you came from, and this will always be where I’m from,” Schrage said. “The history always plays into what we do on the field.”

“We've been really successful here in New Holstein,” New Holstein infielder Brad Schroeder said. “I guess going to state 19 times is kind of setting our mark."

Those 19 state tournament appearances aren't the only reason New Holstein has penned its name into the history books of summer baseball. This program brought home the first ever state title in 1965, so naturally there's only one way they can think of to cap things off in 2018.

“Yeah, it would mean everything, just all the hard work that this team has put in,” New Holstein pitcher Teddy Schnell said. “It would mean a lot being the first team and then coming out on top in the last."

“It would be great for us to win the last one,” Schroeder said. “We have one senior on the team and it would mean the world to him to win it.”

The Huskies will begin their final playoff run on Tuesday. As for next summer? Don’t worry. There's plenty more baseball to be played.

“There’s athletic clubs, four athletic clubs around the area, plus New Holstein itself that has programs for adult players so there are options,” Coach Feucht said.