N.E.W. Meerstein chases boys GB metro scoring record

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GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WBAY) “Yeah it's getting there,” N.E.W Lutheran senior, Sam Meerstein said. “It's creeping up."

N.E. W senior, Sam Meerstein is closing in on Green Bay metro's boys scoring record of 1734 points.

“He’s (Sam Meerstein) about 29 points away right now, going into Tuesday night's game to beat our own Adam Jones’ record, for the boys record,” Blazers Head Coach Mark Meerstein said.

Sam Meerstein is averaging just over 20 points a game, so if stays the course, he could shatter Jones' 17-year record within the next couple games.

“I think it'd be pretty important, coming from a small school, 120 people,” Sam Meerstein said. “It's pretty important to me, pretty important to everybody here too, so bring it back to N.E.W hopefully.”

“He’s (Sam Meerstein) just going to try to play,” Coach Meerstein said. “We're trying to win that's the first and foremost thing that we're trying to do. If things happen, they happen."

That midseason grind has kept Coach Meerstein, also known as Dad, from stepping back and appreciating what Sam’s on pace to accomplish from a father's perspective.

“You’re looking at the next game always and you're trying to do that,” Coach Meerstein said. “All of a sudden games just add up. I mean, truthfully, I can't believe it's his senior year, and he's only got like 10 more regular season games to go.”

Because Mark Meerstein’s coach hat has never come off, ironically enough, it's a different stat category he wants to Sam boost even with the record in sight.

“We’re trying to get him more assists because a lot of people are starting to key on him, so if guys are triple teaming him there's going to be somebody open, you need to take advantage,” Coach Meerstein said.

“Trying to be an all-around player, so I can go play in college, trying to develop my game a little bit more,” Sam Meestein said.

Sam’s next opportunity to break the record comes Tuesday night against Peshtigo.