Lazard making big off-season strides

Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 4:46 PM CDT
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The virtual off-season is officially over for the National Football League. For Packers receiver Allen Lazard, it was a time of growth.

"From a personal point, it's just been a lot of growing up," Lazard said. "From an outside perspective, just taking everything that is going on in the world, slowly digesting it and trying to make sense of it."

The receiver is referencing the difficult conversations he's had with his teammates and friends about the social injustice going on in America. He also has used this time to reflect on how he could improve for the upcoming season.

"Just the mental part of the game," Lazard stated. "Studying the film and understanding what teams are trying to do and how they manipulate you. I think that is where I'll be able to elevate my game the most this upcoming season and make big strides."

Lazard is working towards more touchdowns. However, with the coronavirus affecting all sports, how would he feel about a Lambeau leap with no fans?

"I would feel devastated like you can't have a Lambeau leap without Lambeau," Lazard explained. "Lambeau is nothing without the fans in there."

Stadiums could look very different at the start of the NFL season. However, Lazard is staying ready for when the season starts back up.

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