LaFleur discusses all things Packers on eve of first camp practice

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Training camp is back.
"It's everything right now,” said 1st year head coach Matt LaFleur. “I'm just glad I can walk."

LaFleur can walk, but barely. He is in a walking boot with his torn Achilles tendon. He's had to adapt this summer.

"I tell our guys, knees bent and head on a swivel,” LaFleur said. “Just be ready to adjust."

And former Pro Bowl defensive lineman Mike Daniels must surely have his head spinning after being cut today, saving the team $8.3 million in cap space.

"I have been around Mike for a short period of time,” LaFleur said. “I know he has meant a lot to this community. He has meant a lot to this football team. Having had to prepare for him in the past I think he is still a good player. And I wish him well, but we feel really, really good about the group that we have.

“Unfortunately that is part of this business. There's tough decisions that you have to make. The one thing about Gute and myself is we are in constant communication on a daily basis. There is never a decision that is made personnel-wise that surprises me."

Sticking with defense, though Blake Martinez told me last month he expected live tackling in camp, there will be none, even with the Texans coming for joint practices.

"We will have thud periods, but I don't want to put our guys at risk,” LaFleur said.

And as for the much-discussed audible issue with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the coach making it clear there's no one way to do things for either man.

"It's not necessarily about what I have done in my past or what he has done in his past, it's about how do we make this the Packers offense and us coming together to get us functioning at the highest level,” LaFleur said.