LaFleur challenges offense for lack of urgency

Head coach Matt LaFleur has used the word 'urgency' in nearly all his press conferences.

The first-year coach was agitated with the performance of the offense in Tuesday's fifth training camp practice.

"There has to be a standard and our guys have to decide who they want to be," LaFleur said. "It just needs to be better."

The players took LaFleur's stern words as encouragement to challenge themselves in practices to come.

Quarterback Tim Boyle said it's on the quarterbacks.

"It's worse when you are having a sluggish practice and you are not making plays," Boyle added. "But It's something we can control."

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari agrees with LaFleur.

"Our urgency, getting out of the huddle, getting set, moving from drill to drill needs to heighten," Bakhtiari explained. "The sense of urgency isn't where it needs to be and I assume it will be picking up."