Kuhn thanks fans in emotional retirement news conference

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Former fan favorite John Kuhn is officially retiring a Green Bay Packer. The fullback held a ceremonial press conference Thursday.

“I cannot transition from my time with Green Bay without first acknowledging the undeniable fact that the fans in Green Bay gave me a tremendous gift,” Kuhn said. “Your love and encouragement continues to be a staple of what I consider one of the best fan bases in all of sports. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Kuhn won 1 Super Bowl, earned All-Pro honors twice, while being named to 3 Pro Bowls during his 9 seasons with the team. Kuhn played 12 NFL seasons all told. As advice, told to Kuhn by position coach Sam Gash back in the day, made its way into Kuhn’s way of living as a pro.

“’Playing in the NFL is the greatest part-time job in the world. Make as much money as you can, but don't let one play pass you by because when this game is taken from you, and it is taken from everyone someday, you will never get another chance at those plays or any another.’ That is one of my favorite quotes from my time as a player, and it exactly portrays the approach I tried to take on the football field,” Kuhn said.

In retirement, Kuhn doesn’t know what his next chapter will be, but he hopes it keeps him close to the game.

“There gets that smell in the air. It's different. It's the fall, it's summer transitioning to fall,” Kuhn said. “It's an atmosphere that you feel every single year. I would love it, if when that atmosphere comes around, I am somehow in some way a part of this game. Whether that is coaching, scouting, covering it, watching it, just to be near it, that is what my hope is for.”