Kizer keeps confident in second training camp

Published: Aug. 3, 2019 at 4:42 PM CDT
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Packers quarterback Deshone Kizer said he's had a decent training camp so far. However, Kizer's performance on family night was less than ideal.

"Obviously to come out on family night and have the two turnovers I had, not what I want to do, but I'll get back to work in two days and prepare for the Texans," Kizer said.

He was the only quarterback of the group to record an interception and he had two on family night.

Head coach Matt LaFleur said it will give the quarterback good tape to look through.

"The one where Tony Brown jumped on the left looked like the ball was left a little inside and Tony made a great jump on it and took it the distance," LaFleur said. "The other one the ball got tipped and that's unfortunate any time it happens off the collision there."

Nonetheless, Kizer isn't letting one bad practice shake his confidence in camp.

"I've had the world on my shoulders at one point and been relieved of stress at other points in time, but at this point in my life...I'm very confident at what I'm doing."

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