Kimberly's Emily Scott chases a state title 3-peat

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KIMBERLY, Wisc. (WBAY) “Winning takes talent, but to repeat takes character.” Those are some powerful words by the great John Wooden that still hold true today. Kimberly's Emily Scott has already shown her character, and now, the 2-time state champ is chasing the 3-peat.

“I think there's like satisfaction when you can feel yourself clearing the bar and not even skimming it all,” two-time state high jump champ Emily Scott said. “Just getting over it."

Scott has been enjoying the view from the top for some time now, winning the Division II state title in the high jump two years ago and walking away with the Division I crown in the same event last June.

Her 5' 8" jump from the 2017 state tournament also tied a Papermakers school record.

“Just having the amount of competition last year that was so good, just being able to come out on top was, I don't know, just a big confidence builder,” Scott said. “I felt very accomplished from that."

Scott prevailed in the end, but the transition from Division II to Division I wasn't seamless.

"Definitely a lot more competition and they were a lot more talented,” Scott said. “A lot better jumpers, I’d say consistently better at the higher heights too. I mean state last year was really hard to come out with a win."

“Normally there isn't a real big adjustment,” Kimberly High Jump Coach Al Schaefer said. “What she encountered last year, however is Division I in our area was extremely talented so there were 4 or 5 really good high jumpers in our area, so a lot of the meets we went to, there was huge competition."

High jumping is in Scott’s blood. Her father was also standout track and field athlete. Surprisingly enough, high jumping isn’t even Scott’s best sport. She's headed to university of Louisville in the fall to play volleyball.

“Volleyball is a lot of speed training and agility and there's a lot of jumping involved especially being a front row hitter as I am,” Scott said. “That definitely helps going into track season."

This season is Scott's last go at track and field, and she's looking to go out in record setting fashion.

“It’s my goal to help them achieve their goals,” Coach Schaefer said. “Obviously with her it’s to be a 3-time state champion, but also hopefully to reach that 5'9," 5"10" plateau.”

Clearing a 5'9” jump would make her the best high jumper to ever walk through Kimberly High Schools halls and make her the 99th girl in state history to win three titles in any one event.

The last time a female athlete to clear a jump that high was 15 years ago.

“I mean that's the school record, so I’ve been going that for a while,” Scott said. “Yeah, I just want to see how high I can go.”

Scott is well on her way to a golden end to her senior year. This past weekend she repeated as an indoor track state champion, clearing a 5’4” inch jump at Saturday’s meet in Whitewater.