Jimmy Nelson looks for a big comeback in 2019

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WBAY) Jimmy Nelson will report for Spring Training on February 13th with the rest of Brewers pitchers and catchers. Nelson is looking for a big comeback in the upcoming season after a right shoulder injury he suffered at the end of 2017 kept him out for all of the 2018 season.

“It’s been a very rough process, a very long process,” Brewers pitcher Jimmy Nelson said. “I've learned. I’ve grown in the last 16 months more than I did in the previous years.”

One of the toughest parts of Nelson's extended recovery process was being sidelined for the Brewers’ NLCS run which he was there for, but was not a part of.

“It was fun, but it was also tough for me at the same time,” Nelson said. “I couldn't have been any happier for the guys out there. I mean, all the work that they put in, and you now, watching that team come together. It's something that's going to pay off for us this year, and the coming years.”

The Brewers righty suffered a few setbacks throughout the rehab process, but says he's on track to begin bullpens again this week.

“I think everything I’ve been doing over the last 16 months will finally pay off,” Nelson said. “…so, you know, I’m just looking forward to finally putting it behind me. One of my goals is to start Opening Day. I'm not going to beat around the bush.”

Llofty goals aren't the issue for Manager Craig Counsell but given that Nelson's injury has already set him back more than a year, Counsell wants to make sure that his comeback comes at the right time.

“My approach with Jimmy is that Jimmy will tell us what's going on,” Brewers Manager Craig Counsell said. “I think Spring Training is a time for Jimmy to see what's going on. There isn't a rush from our perspective, but ‘cause know Jimmy is in a rush, so we'll have to be the guys that slow him down.”

“I’m more anxious to get spring training over with,” Nelson said. “More anxious just for the season to start. Spring Training is always fun for the first couple weeks, and then it's alright, let's go, let's speed this thing up. “