James Morgan: The QB Magic

SHERWOOD, Wis. (WBAY) - Before the Jets took former Ashwaubenon star James Morgan in the 4th round of the draft, the quarterback penned "A letter to NFL GMs" on The Players' Tribune website.

"It was so awesome to get my message out there and my story,' Morgan said.

The letter served as Morgan's football manifesto, detailing his skills, confidence, and readiness for the NFL jump.

And anyone who has seen Morgan play knows he has a little Brett Favre in him. He isn't afraid to throw it up for grabs or into tight windows, trusting his receivers, and throwing them open at times.

"I think building a rapport with guys to the point where you know where they are going to be without saying things, or against different looks, it's something that takes a lot of work but once you get that you feel unstoppable," Morgan said. "Because you know what he is thinking and he knows what you are thinking. So I was able to get that pretty good with some FIU receivers and hopefully will get with some Jets receivers as well."

While the film shows that, it's the hours of film Morgan watches beforehand that allow those throws to happen. The former Jaguar took note of Peyton Mannings' impeccable preparation, and Morgan himself is the football equivalent of a book-worm as well.

"I try to do it enough times to where it is second-nature on the field," Morgan said. "So I think about it so much during the week that by the time we get to game day it is automatic. That is a lot of hours in the film room and whatever I need to do to get that in is what I will be willing to do."

And Morgan has something in common with another all-time great QB. He recently got kicked out of a park trying to work out during the pandemic.

"Yeah, just like Tom Brady," Morgan said. "I went to a park a couple miles away, and somebody had called the administrator and a police officer came and politely asked us to leave. It was very gentle, it wasn't anything bad, but it was pretty funny. So we have a golf course that is behind my house so we go to a secluded hole and get some throwing in. My whole family is getting into it. I have my brother rushing me. My sister is doing movement drills with me. My dad is catching. My girlfriend is supporting me. It has kind of been a whole collaborative effort."

And through it all Morgan knows that pre-career comparisons to the game's greats don't mean a thing. What happens next? Means everything.

And he's ready to keep an even-keeled approach to the start of his NFL days, even amidst the scrutiny that comes with playing in New York City.

"I think my biggest mentality is to put your nose to the ground and go to work," Morgan said. "That's the biggest thing. Obviously it is a great fan base and a great city. I am so excited about it. I am not going to listen to a lot of the outside noise and I am just going to do everything I can to help the Jets win games."