Go Deep Mr. Hundley

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GREEN BAY, WI (WBAY)- Packers Head Coach thinks the Tampa Bay defense brings plenty of flavor to Lambeau Field for Sunday’s matchup. “They’re salty. The more I watch them, the more I like them,” McCarthy said Thursday.

Regardless of the seasoning, what you see when you look at the stats is that the Buccaneers rank dead last in total defense, sacks, and pass defense. So Brett Hundley has a chance to put together back to back solid performances for the first time.

“I could care less what their ranked,” Hundley said. “They have players on their defense that are in the NFL, that are good at what they do. They get paid just like us to play this game.”

Receiver Jordy Nelson warns of being over-confident facing a 32nd-ranked defense. “You could take your foot off the pedal and think you can just go out there and roll the ball out, but it won’t happen. It never does in this league. We have to go out and execute.”

And what the offense has been executing lately is the downfield attack. In Hundley’s 1st 4 appearances, he registered just 5 pass plays of 20 yards or more, but two of those were short slants turned into long gains by Randall Cobb. But in the last 3 games, he has 6 such plays. 3 have gone to his go-to guy Davante Adams including his longest of the season, that 55 yarder against the Steelers; great route and recognition.

“With that one in particular, it was something that we were waiting until we got the coverage, and got it and it was perfect,” Adams said. “Obviously it was a mirror route on that side, and he (Hundley) liked the matchup and the leverage that we had from that guy.”

“It comes with me being able to see it better, the timing with the receivers,” added Hundley. “Shots are always touchdown to check down mentality. If it’s not there, you go to your check down. If it is there you take it.”

The improvement in deep ball production isn’t surprising as Hundley prepares for his 6th NFL start on Sunday. “It comes with experience, timing and getting rhythm on all of it,” said Hundley. “To be able to take that deep shot, because you know with a younger quarterback there is a lot of underneath stuff, quick game. But when you’re able to throw those deep balls as well, now they have to respect both. So for us, we want to make sure the defense is always on its’ toes so they’re not just jumping everything.”

Below is the Packers-Bucs Injury Report from Thursday: