Former Fox 11 sports director declares he and wife are coronavirus-free

(WBAY) - A former local TV sports director says he and his wife are now free of the coronavirus. A month ago, Drew Smith was in a life-threatening battle with COVID-19. He was hospitalized and receiving oxygen.

Former FOX 11 sportscaster Drew Smith posted an update from his hospital bed on his battle with COVID-19 in March.

Friday evening, Smith posted an update that he and his wife, Jennifer, have been tested and found they're clear of the virus. Jennifer became the first COVID-19 survivor in their area to donate plasma to the American Red Cross. Smith explained the test found they had enough antibodies to donate safely.

"I will have to wait a bit because of some changing donation regulations, but plan to do so this summer," he wrote. "It is humbling to think we can help those affected by this aggressive and destructive disease."

Smith, best known in our area for his work at WLUK Fox 11, is now a professor at Kansas State.

He was diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from an overseas trip with students. He was hospitalized on March 21. He described his condition as fevers and pneumonia, and he was in intensive care.

He was released from the hospital five days later. He posted on Facebook that his lungs and liver improved enough that he could be released but he was still on oxygen at night to help his breathing.

He said doctors told him it would take weeks or months to fully recover.

In Friday evening's post, Smith wrote, "Thank you for all the amazing support. Now it’s our turn, as immune friends, to fill any needs you may have!"