Former Ashwaubenon QB Morgan climbing NFL draft boards

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Former Ashwaubenon High School quarterback James Morgan is in the middle of the NFL's pre-draft process, a tough endeavor for any prospect to prepare for in a normal year, and even more complicated now during the Coronavirus pandemic.

"It's strange," Morgan said. "It really is. It is unprecedented."

But Morgan is accustomed to doing things differently. He wasn't a 5-star recruit out of Ashwaubenon, and wasn't on the national stage with Bowling Green and Florida International during his college days. But he's still managed to turn heads.

Morgan says he met with all 32 NFL teams at either the Shrine Game or Scouting Combine, and is reportedly climbing draft boards league wide and could be a Day 2 pick.

But how does he continue the momentum he built a month ago at the Combine?

"I have been down here in Florida and it is pretty weird" Morgan said. "It has put a wrench in this whole process. But for me you have to control what you can control. You don't really know what's going to happen next. And day by day things are changing. It's just another hurdle. But for me it's about controlling what I can.

"It's pretty unfortunate. I had a couple teams that were going to come work me out down at FIU. And then I had a couple of visits after my pro day, which was supposed to be April 1st. Literally everything has been canceled, which is unfortunate, because obviously you get an up-close chance to impress those teams when they visit you or you visit them. All of that is off the table now.

"Basically what teams are doing now is FaceTime interviews, which is pretty interesting. You will get a call and it's a group FaceTime call with two coaches or it'll be a Zoom meeting, where they can show me their desktop and we go through my film or my plays and stuff like that. That's what it has come to. It's cool that technology is to the point where you are able to that nowadays. Its pretty cool, but it's pretty crazy."

Morgan has already conducted FaceTime meetings with 4 teams and has a few more already scheduled.

"It's cool that they are finding other ways to do it," Morgan said. "I think it is definitely good. And I think it is smart to have the precautions in place that they do have, in terms of social distancing. Obviously that is a lot more important."

What was really important was that the Combine fell before Coronavirus closures. Teams got medical reports, some workouts, and a first impression on Morgan before things shut down.

"I am very fortunate to have had that opportunity," Morgan said. "It is really unfortunate for some of these kids. Some kids from FIU who would have had an opportunity with a pro day, and now that is canceled and that is unfortunate. So I am very fortunate with the Combine, and I feel like I accomplished my goals there and so I am happy to have done that and am thankful I had that opportunity and did well there."

Having the Combine in the books is likely one of the biggest factors allowing the NFL to move forward with the draft as scheduled April 23rd-25th.

"Getting the thing over with for me is fine," Morgan said. "I am ready to go, ready to join a team, and do whatever I can to contribute to them winning. So that's kind of my mentality."

And his mentality amidst the waiting game now? Do whatever he can to improve.

"Just stuff you can do at home to be able to do stuff, going on runs, and kind of finding wherever you can to work on drops and quarterback footwork you do it. I did it in the street behind the house I am staying at the other day," Morgan said. "It's just about however you can find a way to make it work now."

The 6-foot-4, 229-pound QB is ready to start his next chapter, but knows patience is key for everyone these days.

"Follow the health guidelines, stay safe, and practice social distancing" Morgan said.