Curtis Bolton a standout in Packers loss to Ravens

BALTIMORE (WBAY) - The air was let out of the balloon shortly before the Green Bay Packers took on the Baltimore Ravens Thursday night. The Packers reported prior to kickoff that Aaron Rodgers would not play in the second preseason game due to back tightness.

It was DeShone Kizer who would take the reins against Baltimore. The starters played a little over a quarter and the group was unable to get a single touchdown.

“You know if you want to score points in this game it’s about explosive plays. That’s where we are struggling as an offense. There’s just way too many missed opportunities out there,” said Matt LaFleur/Packers Head Coach.

“Obviously when you get that low in the red zone you want to get the ball up and down but at the end of the day, the goal is to make sure the drive ends in a kick," says Kizer.

The defense struggled to tackle once again. It's an area LaFleur wanted to see improvement in.

“I thought there was a lot of missed tackles out there. It’s not good enough. We have to do a better job in practice, up the intensity a little more and wrap up on thud," says LaFleur.

There was one shining moment for the defense. In the second quarter, Curtis Bolton had an INT from a tipped ball by Tony Brown. Bolton also started with the ones tonight in place of Oren Burks.

“I trusted my coaches, trusted what I do in practice, dropped where I needed to be. Can’t tell you who it was but somebody made a great play on the ball to put it in the air and I just went and got it," says Curtis Bolton, Packers Linebacker.

“He’s hungry to go and get it every single day," says Linebacker Blake Martinez. "So it’s been cool to see him progress since he’s got here. It’s one of those things where you get better each week and told him, hey go play. And he made some plays.”

The Packers wanted to get out of this game without injury, but KaDar Hollman left the game with an injury

The Packers will have Friday and Saturday off before getting back to the field on Sunday.